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7个主流的 PHP 框架

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1. Laravel: Laravel The PHP Framework for Web Artisans and one of the best php framework in year 2014. Laravel is powerful feature like Restful routing, Composer Powered, Beautiful inbuilt templating (Blade template) and expressive syntax etc.

2. Yii Framework: Yii Framework is fast, secure, stable, high performance php framework for developing Web 2.0 applications. Yii2 provided basis and advanced application installation based on requirement. Yii Framework comes with Rich Feature Layered caching scheme, Model-View-Controller (MVC) design pattern, Database Access Objects (DAO)/ Active Record, I18N/L10N, Role based access and authentication, Gii (automatic code generation) crud generator module, AJAX-enabled widgets, Detailed documentation, Easily integrated third party code and system etc. Yii is ideal framework for develop social media, enterprizes web application, SAAS, PAAS etc.

3. Zend Framework: No doubt about Zend Framework in this list and top 3 possible because it is flexible architecture and widely acceptable for enterprises web application development.

4. CodeIgniter: CodeIgniter is one of simple, powerful php framework. According to PHP creator Rasmus Lerdorf “CodeIgniter is faster, lighter and the least like a framework.”

5. CakePHP: Cakephp is one of oldest PHP Framework build by Polish programmer Michal Tatarynowicz inspiring by Ruby on Rails in April 2005. Scratch, Hot Scripts and Croogo CMS made in Cakephp.

6. Symfony: Symfony Framework is focus to set of reusable PHP Components for Enterprises Web Projects. Drupal, phpBB, Laravel, OROCRM and PIWIK etc. using symfony.

7. Phalcon: Phalcon is open source, high performance web application framework for PHP. It implemented C extension for optimize performance to goal of handle more requests per second than other PHP Frameworks. Phalcon has all the feature which might make it No. 1 PHP Framework as Compare Laravel.

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